Bimerr Newsletter 2nd Release – May 2020

Bimerr Newsletter 2nd Release – May 2020
Bimerr Pilot Sites:

The BIMERR toolkit will be validated and demonstrated in 4 buildings in 3 European Member States in a 2-step approach. Firstly, a pre-validation phase will take place, and then a validation phase on real renovation sites will be executed.

Pre-Validation Phase:

The pre-validation phase will take place in actual buildings, which are however not going to be renovated. The intention is to use the BIMERR tools in a context that enables:

  • Full experimentation with the as-is digital building model creation tools and evaluation by comparing their results with digital models obtained from other sources and in-situ inspection.
  • Experimentation with the renovation-support tools using the digital models that will allow their users to assess the applicability to real-life situations, their usability and provide feedback to the development partners for improvements.

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