Process & Workflow Modelling & Automation toolkit (PWMA)

Responsible Partners

ΒΟC Asset Management GMBH

Novitech A.S.

PWMA provides a set of tools to design, verify, simulate, execute, monitor and analyze the reconstruction process. It orchestrates the tasks of the reconstruction process and provides UI for all the key stakeholders of the process to cover all phases of the reconstruction.
Bimerr Process & Workflow Modelling & Automation Toolkit

Synergies with other BIMERR tools

The tool interact with the other BIMER components thanks to the interaction with the BIF (BIMERR Integration Framework), providing models and workflow execution logs

Relevant BIMERR Use Cases

Development Roadmap
The first version of PWMA module will be officially issued on M19 to define and implement a concrete, executable workflow based on the stakeholders requirements collected in T3.1 as well as the outcomes of T6.1 in terms of renovation process analysis, while in the final version the functionality will be extended to cover the identified needs of the stakeholders. Every sub-process will be distinguished, if it is an automatic process, or need to be executed by person. The User interface of this module will be adjusted to the common BIMERR UI. Integration with the On-site workers support tool will be implemented to monitor the work/process.

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