Building Information Secure Provisioning Tool (BISP)

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The Building Information Secure Provisioning Tool aims to provide data protection, confidentiality and integrity for every dataset that is requested through the BIF. In this context, the following requirements of the BIMERR system must be taken under consideration: a) the potential users (data providers and data consumers) of the BIMERR framework, as well as their datasets, can be registered to (or removed from) to the BIMERR platform any time, requiring a dynamic mechanism of controlling data access and being agnostic to the underlying datasets respecting the relevant access policies of each party, b) the BIMERR platform must handle the access policies applied by each party and respond to any level of complexity they might by defined, c) address the need of interoperability of the BIF and provide the requested data to the format that is supported by the relevant data consumer.
Synergies with other BIMERR tools
This component receives the query data from the Query Builder and consequently takes over and handles the access control procedures and the formulation of the query response. Once the response is ready, either the raw data of the query response or the well-defined query identifier will be sent to the Query Builder from where it can be viewed through the component’s UI (for the different stakeholders) or retrieved through its API (for future use by the BIMERR applications). Moreover, BISP interacts with the renovation-support tools in order to supply them the requested information structured in the requested manner.
Relevant BIMERR Use Cases
Development Roadmap
The first version of BISP tool will be released on M18, while its second and final version will be delivered on M30.

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