Building Information Collection Application (BICA)

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The Building Information Collection Application (BICA) is a smartphone application enabling building residents to provide complementary information (such as notes and photos) to the already recorded building information in the BIM, thus accelerating the overall collection of data required for the initial renovation scenario modelling process.

Through BICA’s UI, residents’ can provide their input spontaneously on their home indoor/outdoor areas, or at the request of the building surveyors/engineers, in order to enrich the pre-designed as-is BIM model with energy related equipment, their characteristics, building’s weak points, and other related hidden components within the building (pipes, cables, etc.) that they might be aware. In addition, through BICA, residents and owners can view health and safety (H&S) instructions related to the ongoing renovation processes within the building issued by the H&S managers, while they can also create new H&S issues, when they spot a possible H&S issue/hazard in the on-building-site.

Synergies with other BIMERR tools
Relevant BIMERR Use Cases
Development Roadmap
The first release of the BICA application will be on M22 to support the pre-validation deployment and testing activities, while the final release will be delivered on M30 to evaluate its’ performance in real renovation projects.

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