Interoperability Framework (BIF)

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The main scope of the BIMERR Interoperability Framework (BIF) is to ensure seamless and secure data exchange among the individual BIMERR tools and applications, in order to supply them with all the up-to-date building information they need for their operation and for which they are authorized. BIF utilizes mechanisms that enable semantic and syntactic interoperability, while enforcing access control policies to prevent any illegitimate building data exchange.
Bimerr Interoperability Framework
The BIMERR Interoperability Framework (BIF) consists of four components, namely:
Synergies with other BIMERR tools

BIF has direct interfaces (i.e. data exchanges through APIs) both between its main components and with the other BIMERR tools that store the appropriate information; while any data exchanges with sensors/external systems is via the BIMERR middleware which comprises the communication  backbone.

Relevant BIMERR Use Cases
Development Roadmap
The first release of the BIF will be on M18 to support the pre-validation deployment and testing activities, while its final release will be delivered on M30 to evaluate its performance in real renovation projects.

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