Augmented Reality enabled In-situ Building Feature Annotation (ARIBFA)

Responsible Partner

Information Technologies Institute

The ARIBFA tool will be responsible for presenting BIM 3D visualisations and spatially annotated information on site during the renovation process to architects, contractors and building managers through an Augmented Reality (AR) interface. The main functionalities covered by ARIBFA involve the localization of the user in an indoor environment, based on which will be overlaid on top of the physical location of the building. Using object recognition methodologies, elements to be changed or worked upon during the renovation will be highlighted in the AR visualization, as well as Health and Safety annotations and designated work areas as defined in the daily work schedule.
Synergies with other BIMERR tools
The main integrations of ARIBFA with other components include the 3D registration and tracking of the 3D model of the building design coming from the Scan-to-BIM component and the daily work schedule coming from the PWMA component. Access to the BIM models and Annotations are provided by the BIMERR Interoperability Framework as well as H&S notifications.
Relevant BIMERR Use Cases
  • UC-02: Accelerate the collection of data about the building systems through BIM-based internal audit support tools and interaction with building managers and occupants
  • UC-08 Daily renovation activity schedules are automatically generated (based on accurate project scheduling) and individual guidelines are provided to the workforce responsible through ambient interfaces and apps
  • UC-09 Continuous monitoring and updates of renovation activity schedules (based on reporting from the workforce and monitoring of process execution) towards effective devising and avoidance of delays (bi-directional communication through ambient interfaces
  • UC-10 Continuous reporting from workforce and occupants for changes performed over the initial renovation design (location-based on a BIM representation) and automated update of the BIM model (as-built documentation)
  • UC-11 : Identification of threats and dangers and provision of alerts to workforce and occupants through BIM-based apps and UIs
  • UC-12 Continuous reporting from workforce and occupants for dangers and threats (location-based on a BIM representation) and automated update of the BIM model
Development Roadmap
By the end of M20, the main objective is to have a complete demo of ARIBFA capable of being integrated into the BIMERR solution. The improvements that need to be made, based on the evaluation of the system, will take place between M20-M30 with the final version of the ARIBFA toolset to be integrated with the other components and delivered in M30

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