The BIMERR Methodology

The project relies upon 4 pillars:


The use of BIMERR tools across the renovation pipeline


An ambitious 7-step implementation approach


The consideration of results through demonstration, evaluation & assessment activities in carefully selected pilot sites in EU countries


A user engagement methodology in order to involve all target stakeholders throughout the stages of the projects life-cycle


The BIMERR Solution

Bimerr Renovation 4.0 Solution
BIMERR introduces an ICT-enabled Renovation 4.0 framework to support the renovation of the existing building stock by providing key enablers in the most critical steps of the process. More precisely:
  • Enhanced digital models of existing buildings that go beyond geometrical information
  • Innovative Renovation Decision Support System (RenoDSS) which should enable AEC stakeholders in charge of design & planning to quantitatively evaluate the available options across several key target metrics
  • Pioneering BIMERR Process & Workflow Modelling and Automation (PWMA) tool-kit will enable process simulation for optimization across project phases The integrated BIMERR system will be extensively tested, demonstrated and validated in several buildings, including buildings undergoing real renovation activities in order to verify several aspects of their real-life operations.

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