BIMERR ontology network

Responsible Partner

UPM (Universidad Politécnica De Madrid)​

The BIMERR ontology network represents the semantic models that describe the different aspects of building renovation processes (e.g. energy efficiency, occupancy, building information models, etc.). Such models are defined following a modular approach, that is in the shape of a network, in which each domain (KPI, materials, building, etc.) could be reuse independently. The ontology network is implemented in OWL (Web Ontology Language) and available in different formats at

Bimerr Ontology Network
Synergies with other BIMERR tools
The BIMERR ontology network is aligned with the BIMERR data model used in the BIMERR Interoperability Framework (BIF) as backbone for the interoperability between BIMERR tools. Such alignment between the BIMERR ontologies and the BIMERR data models is ensured through a respective converter. The BIMERR ontology network is also used to generate the BIMERR knowledge graphs where externa data openly available are available and semantically annotated.
Relevant BIMERR Use Cases
Development Roadmap
The different modules of the ontology network are delivered from M13 following an incremental approach.

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