BIMERR is designing and developing a Renovation 4.0 toolkit which compromises tools to support renovation stakeholders throughout the renovation process of existing buildings, from project conception to delivery. It includes tools for the automated creation of enhanced building information models, a renovation decision support system to aid the designer in exploring available renovation options through an the accurate estimation of renovation impact on building performance as well as a process management tool that will optimize the design and on-site construction process towards optimal coordination and minimization of renovation time and cost.
Interoperability Framework


The main scope of the BIMERR Interoperability Framework (BIF) is to ensure seamless and secure data exchange among the individual BIMERR tools...

Renovation Decision Support System


RenoDSS provides an accurate estimation of the energy, cost, and environmental impact trade-offs of alternative renovation scenarios...

Process & Workflow Modelling and Automation toolkit


PWMA provides a set of tools to design, verify, simulate, execute, monitor and analyze the reconstruction process...


The Scan-to-BIM Tool is a software solution for the (semi-)automated generation of as-is Building Information Models...

Augmented Reality enabled In-situ Building Feature Annotation


The ARIBFA tool will be responsible for presenting BIM 3D visualisations and spatially annotated information on site during the renovation process to architects...

Profiling Resident Usage of Building System


The accuracy of a 3D zonal-type simulations based on widely used simulation engines (e.g EnergyPlus)...

Building Information Collection Application


The Building Information Collection Application (BICA) is a smartphone application enabling building residents to provide complementary information...

BIMERR ontology network

The BIMERR ontology network represents the semantic models that describe the different aspects of building renovation processes...

Building Energy Performance Estimation module


The utilization of Building Energy Performance Estimation (BEPE) simulation has gained significant attention recently that stems from its capability...

Building Information Secure Provisioning Tool


The Building Information Secure Provisioning Tool aims to provide data protection...


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