the BIMMER project


Novitech A.S.

Since the establishment of Novitech ( in 1989, the company mission has remained unchanged “To deliver innovative IT service solutions”. Our vision is “To create full service life-cycle IT capabilities”. This includes: Business analysis and design, detailed functional specifications, application development and service deployment involving all phases of project management. Novitech is ISO 9001:2009 certified company. Over the last 24 years of the company’s SME business history the implementation strategy and tactical priorities have been constantly updated in response to new technology trends and client needs. As a result, the service portfolio and capabilities have evolved from network infrastructure management services in the early 1990s, to remote software distribution and migration services for large government systems in the early 2000s and to collaborative business process support services and platforms nowadays. Novitech is well known as collaborative partner and reliable vendor for EU institutions and networks. Latest innovation activities are oriented on R&D in field of industrial utilization of augmented and virtual reality for maintenance. Novitech is developing I3D – a service with a complex defined architecture to support the education of the workers and their execution of the work orders. In the I3D the education and preparation of the new workers is supported via emulated environment with immersive feeling in virtual reality enriched with hotspots and multimedia content. The execution of the work order is supported with computer vision, augmented reality and remote assistance.  For both, the VR and AR, the same data are used from the I3D data structure. The I3D data structure has been verified in several pilot implementations from heavy industry. This project gives us the opportunity to verify it also on a building renovation process.

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