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Ferrovial Construction

Ferrovial Construction is the flagship company heading up the construction division of Ferrovial, one of the world’s leading groups specialized in infrastructure and cities, operating through its Services, Toll Roads, Construction and Airports divisions. It has over half a century experience of forward-looking projects and continues to strive to make a difference in the world of infrastructure and services and, therefore, in society. Since 1999 Ferrovial Construction carries out all kinds of unique civil engineering, construction and industrial projects also representing an international benchmark in transport infrastructure having built more than 540 km of tunnels, 4,500 km of highways, 20,000 km of roads and 5,200 km of railroad (including 1000 km of high-speed railroad) and different types of buildings such as 140 hospitals, 40 airports, 20 stadiums or more than 40 million m2 buildings. It has firmly established its international position, which has grown consistently in recent years accounting for 83% of sales and backlog. Ferrovial has business worldwide (Spain, UK, North America, South America and Australia among others. The company focuses its innovation efforts in the areas of energy efficiency and innovative construction aiming to position itself as a benchmark in Spain and around the world in the development of intelligent infrastructure products and services. Within the innovative construction area projects are aiming to develop technologies, processes and products to improve the productivity and environmental sustainability of the construction activity in all of its areas are promoted and developed. Ferrovial is member of several national and European construction and innovation associations such as, the European Network of Construction Companies for Research and Development (ENCORD) holding the Presidency and the Secretary, European Construction Technology Platform (ECTPE2BA) or the Spanish Construction Technological Platform (PTEC). Specifically, and related to the railways sector, Ferrovial is member of the European Federation of Railway Trackworks Contractors (EFRTC).

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