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ΒΟC Asset Management GMBH​

BOC is a software development house and a consultant in the field of IT-supported management approaches. The main business field and its origin is Business Process Management with the toolkit ADONIS®. Today BOC offers commercial modelling tools for strategy management (ADOscore®), business process management (ADONIS®), logistics (ADOlog®) and IT-infrastructure and IT-architecture management (ADOit®).

The BOC network consists of nine units, operational units are located in Vienna, Berlin, Madrid, Athens, Dublin, Warsaw, Winterthur and Paris, whereas the headquarters, software and research units are located in Vienna. In overall there are 180 employees that mainly act European wide. Individual customer support has been established on a world-wide basis. In 1995 BOC was created as a spin-off from the University of Vienna developing the Business Process Management System (BPMS) – paradigm together with the BPMS group of the University of Vienna. Since then BOC has a tight cooperation with the University of Vienna mainly in the field of business process engineering and knowledge engineering covering aspects such as modelling, meta-modelling, semantics, agents and knowledge management.

The core competence beside the consultant services is the development/implementation of modelling tools based upon BOC’s ADOxx Meta-Modelling platform (accessible online at As the business process management toolkit ADONIS® was one of the first commercial toolkits built using meta-modelling concepts and technologies, BOC gained technological leadership in this market and recently published the open use platform Currently BOC considers a new approach on developing modelling tools by offering the ADOxx platform to the research community in the field on a free to use basis and building/supporting the community around the idea of meta-modelling concepts/technologies.

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